Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lecture 4: Introduction to Summaries

Some tips to remember when you need to write a summary:

  1. Look for a picture – label it – writing clarifies thoughts
  2. So, if that’s the picture, what might you read about in the selection?
  3. Read the first sentence
  4. Read the last sentence: highlight similar words, that’s the main idea of the paragraph
  5. That’s also the topic of the paragraph/selection
  6. Read the first and last sentence: one might answer the other


Read: “Kiddy Thinks” and “Chapter 6” in Essay Writing.

For participation, add either of your summary paragraphs to this Lecture 4 blog post.


  1. Brian, Blaine, KaylaSeptember 17, 2009 at 3:23 PM

    Scarcity causes Japan to import or produce resources needed. One of it's largest industries is the fish market, responsible for a large portion of the country's economic success. The lack of resources is compensated for by the export of high quality automobiles and technology. The fuel behind Japan's market success is a widely shared value of discipline and respect. As well as domestic efficieny, Japan has many foreign economic interests that provide capital benefits.

  2. Japan's Economy

    A situation of scarce natural resources in Japan causes the country to import oil, and provide energy to their large population through means such as nuclear power. On that same note, Japan’s large population requires an easily accessible food source, which so happens to be fish from the surrounding sea. As a result, Japan’s large appetite for fish has spawned a significantly large fishing industry; thus creating a strong import and export product. Along the same lines of importing and exporting, Japan must import the majority of their raw resources so that the manufacturing of many products is possible; however, these manufactured products serve as a reliable export source for the economy. Furthermore, the upside to all this trading is the advantageous foreign investment which has developed for Japan through their trading partners. Not only that, but Japan’s economical success is also attributed to the excellent work ethic of their labour force.

  3. Japan's Economy

    The scarcity of Japan's natural resources results on their reliance to import key materials. Japan relies on the import of raw resources in order to export technological goods. In addition, another contributing factor to Japan's prosperous economy is the fish industry. As a result of Japan's prosperous economy, it is evident that the Japanese practice a strong work ethic. Also, the Japanese investments that can be found worldwide contribute to Japan's successful economy.

  4. 1-8 Little Bear Train Pyramid Exercise

    1- The importance of the little bear train.

    2- The setting of the narration takes place in Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, and anywhere along to route of the train.

    3- The people are the passengers and any one working on the train. This includes the tourists, crew, and adventurers.

    4- The main idea is that the Little Bear train functions as a cargo train, passenger train, and a travel path for the average adventurer or tourist.

    5- The Little bear train brings goods and cargo up from the South of Ontario into the Northern part of the province. Goods and cargo such as fresh food, dry and frozen goods, meats, and posted mail. The train also stops at any single point along its route; this allows patrons, tourists, adventures, and travellers to get on and off as they please.

    6- Because the train brings goods from the South of Ontario up into the North, this allows the Northern people to experience foods, vegetables, and goods that they would normally have to do without. The train also allows for sight-seeing and tourism along its route in parts of the province which wouldn’t normally be accessible. And the train also provides a route of travel, a way of transporting goods year round, and a way of adventuring in the outdoors year round. There’s another train which can contribute all of the above, but it only runs during the summer months.

    7- Without to train, all of these important things would be lost or missing. Keeping the train running will help keep the north and the south of Ontario connected. It’ll give adventures and tourists a-like a vast range of scenery, and the train allows for year round access to all these things. Without the Little Bear Train, travel between the north and the south would be hindered to only the summer months.

    8- It’s very possible that the future of the train could have expansions completed to its route of travel. More cities could be involved. Or even there’s the fact that the train could be upgraded into a modern day bullet train, which would make accessibility between the north and the south of Ontario that much easier.

  5. Brian Lees, Blaine White, and Kayla HarrisSeptember 21, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    Topic- Little Bear Train

    Setting- Southern Ontario to Northen Ontario (Cochrane to Moosonee)

    People- Passengers, Loading crew

    Main Idea- Vital transportaion of people and materials.

    Causes- Need for transportation to remote areas

    Effect- Access remote areas to ship travelers and essential resources

    Solutions- Provide a link to otherwise unattainable regions of Ontario

    Future- The train will continue to be an important service in Ontario and also become a historic landmark.

  6. Nora El-Hayouni and Evan LawlorSeptember 21, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    Blog Comment #2

    1- The Little Bear Train

    2- Southern Ontario to Northern Ontario.

    3- Tourists, passengers and crew.

    4- The purpose of the Little Bear Train.

    5- Little Bear Train is for transportation and tourism.

    6- It gives canoeists adventure, transport commuters, carries goods and mail, and it gives people access from North to South of Ontario.

    7- People now have access to fruits, vegetables, meats, dry goods and mail.

    8- To continue to transport goods and commuters, since it is the only all-season working train.

  7. Little Bear/Triangle Assignment
    Sara Wolbeck and Tanya Henderson
    1. Little Bear Train
    2. Northern Ontario
    3. Tourists/Adventurers
    4. The train is productive, year round, beneficial and a historical piece of Canada.
    5. To inform people that the train is beneficial to everyone.
    6. The article is great publicity for the train to attract new crowds and more business.
    7. The train provides easy access for people and is beneficial to the environment as more people will be taking the train instead of driving.
    8. How long will the train continue to run? Was the article printed because the train may be shutting down?

  8. Ivy Liong and Michael GarciaSeptember 21, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    Blog Comment #2
    1.Topic: How the Little Bear is a vital, year round train.
    2.Setting: The Little Bear is located 310 kilometres north in the James Bay Lowlands and connects to the town of Cochrane.
    3.People: The Little Bear not only transports local passengers, it also gives access to adventurers from all over the world.
    4.Main Idea: A fundamental part of the Little Bear is that it supplies the everyday essentials to the residents of Northern Ontario. Furthermore, it also allows access to the major rivers that are popular due to the canoe tripping parties that are held there.
    5.Cause of topic: A reason that the Little Bear is such a vital train is that it is the last “Flag Stop” train in Canada, which allows residents in such a rural area to stop at any point along the route.
    6.Effects of Topic: In addition to providing everyday essentials to Northern Ontario, the Little Bear also increases the production in the housing industry by providing the transportation of pre-built fabricated houses. Furthermore, it also helps in tourism by allowing easy access to the famous rivers that are sought after by worldly adventurers that take advantage of the canoe tripping parties.
    7.Solutions or Resolutions: Since the Little Bear is one of the last "Flag Stop" trains in Canada it has maintained its level of service to uphold the importance of stopping anywhere and anytime along its route for the transfer of goods, the people of Northern Ontario, and Tourism.
    8.Future: Due to fact that the Little Bear holds such a high significance to Northern Ontario it is most likely going to stay running to help transport both passengers and freight.

  9. Blog Comment #2

    1. Little Bear Train
    2. Northern Ontario, Canada
    3. Adventure seeking tourists and canoers
    4. The Little Bear train is a multipurpose, year round train.
    5. Residents of Northern Ontario lacked accessibility to foods essential to an individuals nutrition. Also, canoe lovers faced the challenge of transportation to major rivers in this region.
    6. Essential foods such as vegetables and meats can now be transported to Northern Ontario. The Little Bear train also enables tourists to travel to remote canoeing areas on major rivers.
    7. As a result, Northern Ontario residents were no longer faced with the problem of inaccessibility. Canoers were able to reach major rivers that were not accessible before. Residents of this area were also able to purchase foods that were not available to them before.
    8. The Little Bear train has proved to be an essential aspect of both the food and tourism industry in Northern Ontario. It will probably continue to run, and may even extend its route to farther destinations, benefiting even more residents of Northern Ontario.

  10. Blog Comment #2

    1. Topic : Little Bear Train
    2. Setting : Northern Ontario
    3. People : Passengers, Tourists, Crew
    4. Main Idea : All of the opportunities the Little Bear provides for us.
    5. Cause of Topic : Northern Ontario residence`s lacked a means of transportation for goods, services, and people.
    6. Effects of Topic : The people of Northern Ontario were not able to obtain important goods, vital to the success of an area. The tourists, non-existent, unable to move about.
    7. Solution : With the advent of The Little Bear Train, the people of Northern Ontario now had access to important resource`s all year around. Tourism was a hit with The Little Bear Train being one of the last ``flag stop`` trains in Canada, stopping at canoe hot spots all along the way.
    8. Future : The Little Bear Train will continue to be an important contributor to all aspects of life in the Northern Ontario region, supplying people who once had nothing, all the essentials for an improved standard of living.

  11. Despite some drawback`s Japan has created one of the strongest market economies in the world. Japan lacks many natural resources, this forces them to import most of their raw materials, turning them into quality goods, intended for export. One vast resources the Japanese have access to is large fisheries, creating one of the largest markets for fish in the world. A strong Japanese work ethic, coupled with a level of respect for leaders, contributes in large part to Japan`s economic success. All of these factors providing their initial capital, have allowed Japan to invest many other profitable ventures amongst foreign countries.

  12. Japan's Economy
    With lack of natural resources, how dose Japan become one of the biggest economy empire in the world? Local speciality, strategy and spirit are the keys. Everything is based on food supply, as an island, sea gives Japan the largest fishing industry; Japan imports most of the raw resources and turn them into high-tech products for international trade; Most of Japanese people have a strong work ethic and leadership is always being respected, this kind of spirit made Japan's economy rised up quickly after the war. These three steps take Japan to success and let Japan become extremely important to the world economy.

  13. 1. Little Bear
    2. Northern Ontario
    3. Passengers including tourists & local people and frieght
    4. The Little bear is vital to people in Northern Ontario as a transporation and an attraction.
    5. The trains become more popular, so there's an increasing number of visitors to accomodate. There is the need for transporting canoes for people visiting famous rivers.
    6. To meet the need of people, the Little Bear added a flat car to carry canoes. In response, more and more poeple come and visit Northern Ontario to see the trains or visiting these rivers.
    7. Consquently, the more visitors come and visit, the more Northern Ontario earns money. So, it helps to grow the local economy and makes the Little Bear as an unique attraction.
    8. The Little Bear will be preserved and run for a long time so that it will help more people and become the most famous tourim package.

  14. Nora El-Hayouni and Evan LawlorSeptember 22, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    Japan's materials are mostly all imported, since they are scarce. One of these scarce resources being fish. Japan has the world's largest fish industry, both importing and selling fish. They are also a large importer in raw materials, specializing in high-end automobiles and electronics. With all the imports, Japan has many investments both domestical and international. Japan's working sector relates to highly driven workers, who in turn, receive job security and many work benefits. Japan's economic success is due to the combination of strong work ethic and various industries.

  15. zheng fang said ...
    1. The little bear
    2, Northern Ontario
    3, pasengers and Tourists
    4, The little bear is a vital and it works all year around.
    5, It is the last 'flat stop' train in Cananda.
    6. Stop everywhere along the route and work all season.
    7, There is polar bear in summer on the same route with little bear.
    8, the little train is important resource transport in Northern Ontario.

  16. Little Bear Paragraph Assignment

    1. TOPIC: The Little Bear is a vital train to Northern Ontario.

    2. SETTING: The train services Ontario, most specifically Cochrane & Moosonee in the James Bay Lowlands.

    3. PEOPLE: The train acts as a service to people in Cochrane, Moosonee, and adventurers from many different countries.

    4. MAIN IDEA: The Little Bear provides a plethora of uses to Ontarians and worldwide tourists alike, not least of which is a means to transport supplies to the isolated James Bay Lowlands.

    5. CAUSES OF TOPIC: The train is a result of scarcity of resources primarily, as it serves as a means to allow people in the isolated areas of Northern Ontario to obtain goods. In addition, it provides the service of tourism in that it allows canoe enthusiasts a route to many major canoe hot spots.

    6. EFFECTS OF TOPIC: The Little Bear train has allowed a tourism industry in Northern Ontario to fourish, has likely spawned new enterprise and business opportunities to the people of Moosonee, and has improved the qaulity of life for those residing in the James Bay Lowlands.

    7. SOLUTIONS OR RESOLUTIONS: Because of the Little Bear train, the isolated James Bay Lowlands now have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, dry and frozen goods, as well as an effective means of mail delivery. In addition, new business opportunities have been opened up such as a budding tourism industry attracting canoeists from worldwide.

    8. FUTURE: As the Little Bear train continues to provide such a vast array of services, the quality of life for those it serves can only grow up. With the huge influx of goods, supplies, and services comes money; the basic building block of society. The futures of those towns served by the Little Bear Train can only be brighter than their current situations today.

  17. Jame Halford and Michael HennesseySeptember 22, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    Japan faces a scarcity of resources & materials. However, it does have a large local fishing industry. While Japan imports many resources to convert to goods for export, it maintains a strong individual work ethic which has contributed to it's economic success. In addition, foreign investment has enabled Japan to greatly diversify it's economic portfolio.

  18. Mark Moodie, Dana Richardson Blog 2

    1. Little Bear train
    2. Nothern Ontario, Cochrane-Moosonee
    3. Crew, Adventurers, important for trade between the two cities
    4.The route of the Little Bear train and the inimitable qualities it has.
    5. To inform the reader of the Little Bear and than it can be beneficial all to those who enjoy the outdoors.
    6. The train not only supply's vital goods but even whole houses, while providing access to very remote geography and wildlife. This would also be a way to increase attraction and general knowledge of the train.
    7. Continue the running of the train for its cultural purposes, most notably that it is the last "flag stop" train in Canada. This feature allows passengers to get off anywhere along the route and experience a unique part of the Canadian wilderness. This has made some of its rivers world famous for canoeing.
    8. The tone of the article suggest that the it will continue to operate as it is a vital, year-long train, but little is said about the actual state of its future.

  19. Tasha Stevenson
    Little Bear Paragraph Assignment

    1. Little Bear Train
    2. Northern Ontario: Cochrane (Borreal Forrests) to Moosonee (James Bay Lowlands)
    3. -Crew that loads the train
    -People riding the train & tourists
    -Staff that operates/organizes the train
    4. The route and the load of the train, as well as its use
    5. To introduce the train to more people and to let its importance be known
    6. More people wanting to use the Little Bear for when they go exploring or on an adventure up North
    7. I am more informed on the Little Bear's abilities, so i may want to go North and experience the ride in person
    8. The route or the train itself may get bigger because more people will want to experience it

  20. 1. The Little Bear is a year-round train operating in Northern Ontario.

    2. Northern Ontario.

    3. Residents from the towns of Cochrane and Moosonee make everyday use of Little Bear, as well as avid tourists and visitors to the region.

    4. Little Bear has successfully delivered basic needs to the people in the isolated regions of Northern Ontario. As well, the vast geographical landscape has caught the attention of many tourists and visitors to the region.

    5. Little Bear allows for the flow of goods into the remote areas of Northern Ontario. Furthermore, many canoeing destinations en route make for a contributing factor to the region's tourism industry.

    6. Connecting the isolated regions of the James Bay Lowlands with the more populous Southern Ontario has enabled residents to experience a higher standard of living. Also, with contributions from the tourism industry, this will allow the region ample opportunity for long-term economic success.

    7. The residents of these isolated communities now have better access to life's essentials, such as fruits and vegetables, meats, dry and frozen goods via Little Bear.

    8. While the basic needs of people occupying the region of Northern Ontario will continue to be met, a gaining popularity by visitors and tourists will contribute to long term success for not only the region itself, but Little Bear as well.

  21. Kalmy Wang, Harjot Malhi, Samantha Richards

    Topic: The Little Bear Train
    Setting: Northern Ontario
    People: Passengers, Adventurers, Canoe Tripping Parties
    Main Idea: "Mixed-Train", Carries both passengers and freight
    Causes of Topic: The Train connects the towns of Northern Ontario such as Cochrane, Moosonee, James Bay Lowlands.
    Effects of Topic: To transport goods such as daily life necesseties for the people as well as trips for adventurers.
    Solutions or Resolutions: It has made people's lives easier by providing remote access to these towns.
    Future: One of the advantages of this train is that it can help expand the population growth of these towns.

  22. Sara Wolbeck and Tanya Henderson
    Japan's Economy
    There are many reasons for Japan's economic success. Japan imports raw materials due to its few natural resources of its own. The country also uses these imported resources to produce products and goods to export. As a result Japan has greatly benefited from foreign investments. On the contrary Japan is home to the world’s largest fishing industry which is not dependent of imports. Japans overall economic success can be linked to their work ethic, respect and worker benefits. Overall Japans economic well being has been attributed to its imports, exports and strong industries.

  23. Taosha Liao
    1.Little bear paragraph assiment
    2.Topic: The little bear train
    3.Setting:Northern Ontario
    4.People: The little bear train is very important to people in Cochrane, Moosonee and adventures from other area.
    5.Main idea: The meaning of the route of little bear train to Northern Ontario and how it effects people's life.
    6.Causes of topic: The little bear train connected Northern Ontario to the more populous Southern Ontario.
    7.Effects of topic: It is helping to transport the basic needs and goods between these two areas and it makes people's life more convenient and it attracts more tourists.
    8.Future:Little bear train will keep moving and it may become more modern and faster.

  24. 9.Solutions or resolutions: The little bear train makes people's lives more convenient; it creates more business opportunities and it imporves the tourism industry in Northern Ontario.

  25. Tyler Chorneyko Blog #2

    Topic- The Little Bear train

    Setting- Nothern Ontario, with Cochrane and Moosonee being two of the major stops.

    People-Passengers, Canoe parties, people and businesses that the goods are being transported to.

    Main Idea-The little bear is a major form of transportation for people and freight in northern Ontario.

    Cause of the topic- There was a lack of connection between towns in Northern Ontario, restricting the transportation of people and goods.

    Effects of the topic- The little Bear train provides a mode of transportation for both goods and services in Northern Ontario. It also carries many canoe parties that looked further their adventures to the more northern part of Ontario. It gives many small towns in Ontario a sense of connection to eachother.

    Solution or Resolution: The little Bear train allows for the flow of many necessary goods and services taht need to be supplied to the small remote towns of Northern Ontario.

    Future: The Little Bear train will continue to help supply Northern Ontario with a mode of transportation of people and of the necessary goods and services to other parts of the province. This will allow these small towns to grow and develop with the rest of the province, and more importantly, with the rest of the country.

  26. Matt Ryan Blog #2

    1. Little Bear
    2. Northern Ontario, cochrane
    3. tourists, adventurers, crew, people riding the train
    4. Little Bear is a train that transports goods and people across Northern Ontario
    5. The train is a good supply route through Northern Ontario, efficient way to travel
    6. Brings tourists to the area, transports goods and people, gives people jobs
    7. I want to check more into this train, and if I am ever in the area possibly take it for a ride and go on an adventure!
    8. If this article intrigues lots of readers, perhaps the increase in tourism will increase the popularity of Little Bear, thus a reason to expand. More trains, more stops, new destinations, more advertising etc

  27. ^^^^
    Forgot to add to "Matt Ryan blog 2" that Khurrum Khan was my partner.

    And now our paragraph on Japan's economy.

    Japan may be a relatively small landmass in the Pacific ocean but it by no means leaves a small economic footprint. One problem Japan's industries face is they must import raw materials as the country has few natural resources. One resource that Japan is bountyful in is fish. Japan's fishing industry is the largest in the world. Other large japanese industries are automobiles and technology. Japan is world renowned for it's high quality finished goods. But no industry can grow without determined workers. Japan's strong economic success can be attributed to it's people's strong work ethic and it's company's excellent employee benefits. Japan's economic success doesn't end with manufactured goods though. Japan has also greatly benefited from international inevestments in other countries such as the United States. Put all these building blocks together and you have the indestructable economic infastructure that is Japan.

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