Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lecture 14: Comparison Essays

The In-Class Position Paper Assignment

Function of the Essay Assignment: To assess students’ ability to apply learned invention, organisation, development, revision, and editing strategies efficiently without advance preparation with regard to the particular prompt.

To assess the proficiency students have gained regarding fundamentals of writing mechanics, syntax and style and ability to properly support a stance.

As part of the assignment, namely the capacity to edit and organise, I would like each of you to "mark" your essay. Look at the rubric below for some ideas of how to mark. I realise you might be tempted to give yourself an A++ however the purpose of this assignment is to show how you can improve your own writing and thinking. Take this opportunity to show me how you might change, develop and improve your writing.

A reminder about taking a stance:
  • Understand your audience
  • Support your opinion
  • Know the various sides of your issue
  • Respectfully address other points of view
  • Find common ground with your audience
  • Establish your credibility

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