Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lecture 26: Grammar Test Practise

Today we'll review what to expect from Tuesday's grammar test.

Remember, all the grammar we've covered during this course has been incorporated in your paragraph, summary and essay writing. 

Note: The image is from News Hugs.

Update: Answers for the practise test.

Part 1) Nouns

Exercise 1) Circle the abstract nouns in the paragraph:

deal, sense, well-being, environment, entertainment, sense, attachment, world, needs

Exercise 2) Note the collective nouns and then give the plural form of each:

party, family, flock, company
parties, families, flocks, companies

Part 2: Verbs
Exercise 1) Correct errors in verb usage, put a C if sentence is correct:

1) had lain
2) lose
3) supposed
4) C
5) cost
6) broken
7) have led (and did you catch the spelling error: clues)
8) lie
9) C
10) had drunk

Exercise 2) Unnecessary shifts in tense. Underline all of the verbs and verb phrases in the paragraph and then correct the tenses. These are the corrected tenses:

was walking, could keep, remembered, saw, moved, bough, were setting, came, forbade, to keep, would have to live

Part 3) Paragraphs correction. You're improving word choice, sentence structure and variety, verbs, and transitions to create a polished paragraph:

see page 454 in Essay Writing for the corrected version.


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