Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lecture 19: Research Assignment Review

In today's class we shall go over the following:

Punctuation and Quotation Review
MLA Style Video
Quotation Activity
Annotated Bibliography Review
Annotated Bibliography Tips
Annotated Bibliography Activity
Homework and Notes

Here are some examples of direct quotations:

Direct quotations involve incorporating another person's exact words into your own writing:

In her essay “Whiteness as Property,” Cheryl Hanson argues that property actually becomes a “right” and not merely a tangible object (“The Quest for Self-Identity in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon” 8).

He admires Pilate’s ability to “tackle the problem of trying to decide how she wanted to live and what was valuable to her” (Morrison 149), later noting that “[w]ithout ever leaving the ground, she could fly” (336).

A useful review of MLA documentation style:



In Class Activity:

Work with a partner to write an annotation for ANY essay of your choice in Essay Writing.

Discuss all three elements required by your research assignment (summary, analysis and evaluation)
Write 2-3 sentences for each element
Don’t forget bibliographic information
Hand in ONE copy of your practise annotation and POST the other annotation to the class blog on today’s lecture post (this one).


Work on Research Assignment during Thursday’s class (library!)

Workshop Class: Tuesday 17th November
Bring Draft (so far) of Research Assignment
Bring any necessary books, articles, computers

Note: The amazing book image is from the Harvard Theological Library site.

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